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My name is Kim Mortensen and I am the CEO of Medyfine, which includes the brands Maritime and Mariélan.

Our mission is to “Provide Inner and Outer Beauty for our customers at affordable prices”.

We have been researching more than 150 competing products for both our brands and realized that the high quality products available are rare and prices at a level that are only for the few.

We often see that the very best products are not possible for all to afford when having to use these products on a daily basis, which is important in getting positive results. The products we have developed so far in both the Maritime brand and the Mariélan Cosmetics brand are developed from scratch and after many trails and errors over the past 2 years, we now have created outstanding products that are for everyone and affordable for people at all income levels.

We believe that by using our products, our customers will become healthier and more confident, bringing the best out of each person every day.

We will do our utmost to continue launching new products with our mission in mind. We will at the same time make sure that we are partners with our retailers. We are not just about selling products, but together with our partners and customers focused on growing ours and their businesses and by providing the best products possible that they all will be proud to have as a part of their portfolio.

I am looking forward to growing these brands and be on this positive journey with all our partners and customers around the world.

Kim Mortensen

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Medifine Co., Ltd.


Kim Mortensen(キム・モーテンセン)


Takehisa Naito


March 15, 2000

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2-2-22 Kominatodori Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken 650-0026 Japan

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