Sales will start on January 4, 2023 on the experience-based "newme"

You can actually experience CBD x Japanese and Chinese skin care “MARIÉLAN” that leads to healthy skin!
Sales will begin on January 4, 2023 at the hands-on store "newme"

-“For natural and beautiful skin” Skin care that contains “CBD” with a purity of 99% or more in all items-

From January 4, 2023, at the hands-on store “newme” Shinjuku Marui store, “newme” Fukuoka Tenjin store, and “newme mall (online sales)”, CBDx Japanese and Chinese skin care “MARIÉLAN” will be available. We will start selling.

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・"CBD (cannabidiol)" that leads to natural and healthy skin is included in all products

“MARIÉLAN” will be launched in 2021 to fulfill the wishes of many women who want to be “natural and beautiful” and “want to have skin that does not lose their age” even during housework, work, and busy daily life. It is an aging care (*2) brand that contains CBD (*1) that was born in May. CBD (*1) is a component extracted from cannabis stems and seeds and is a type of polyphenol. When you hear the word “cannabis”, people tend to avoid it, but the ingredient that has a general image of addiction is “THC”, which is derived from cannabis. It is an ingredient that leads to smooth and smooth skin. The CBD (* 1) used in "MARIÉLAN" skin care is also particular about its purity, and uses a purity of 99% or more by the Co2 extraction method & CBD (* 1) is common to all items. Because it is formulated, you can fully experience the charm of CBD (* 1) from face washing to special care. "MARIÉLAN" has been developed mainly on EC sites and Kansai, but with the opening of "newme" this time, many people can actually touch and check it before purchasing.

・"MARIÉLAN" leads to "translucent and healthy skin"

In our busy days, our skin today is surrounded by a harsh environment. In addition, the aging generation is prone to fluctuations in the skin due to changes in hormone balance, and many skin problems and worries are likely to occur. Friction and skin problems caused by meticulous care using many items for delicate aging skin, wishing to "get closer to ideal skin". "MARIÉLAN" is a simple step skin care that delivers only carefully selected ingredients such as CBD (* 1) x Japanese and Chinese to the skin as it is, in order to achieve ideal skin. Ingredients carefully selected by the developer himself bring out the skin's natural beauty and vitality (*3), leading to "healthy skin full of transparency (*4)". CBD (* 1), which is particular about purity and manufacturing method, can be felt from the face to the body for natural and beautiful skin.

*1 Cannabidiol (skin protectant, moisturizing/skin conditioning ingredient)
*2 Age-appropriate care
*3 Healthy skin condition
* 4 By moisturizing