Is the sign of skin aging due to a hormonal imbalance? This is the recommended care

Have you ever heard the words ``stress is bad for your skin'' and ``it's important to balance your hormones''?

Hormone balance is one of the essential elements for maintaining beautiful skin.

Therefore, this time we will tell you about the close relationship between skin and hormonal balance and how to care for it.

■When does hormonal balance change occur?

Hormone balance and skin

Changes in hormonal balance can be broadly divided into two periods. These are "monthly menstruation" and "aging." So, how exactly is it changing?

There are two hormones in a woman's body.

・Estrogen (follicular hormone) creates a feminine, rounded body and beautiful skin

・“Progesterone (progesterone)” involved in preparation for pregnancy

exists, and the secretion amount changes as shown below even within a month.

Hormone balance and skin

``Skin problems are more likely to occur before menstruation'' is a typical example of skin changes caused by changes in hormonal balance.

Estrogen (follicular hormone), which is associated with femininity, changes significantly with age.

Hormone balance and skin

This estrogen has the function of giving moisture and elasticity to the skin and making hair shiny, but as we age, the amount secreted decreases and the moisturizing ingredients such as collagen and elastin in the skin also decrease, so gradually the skin becomes softer. will continue to change.

■For beautiful skin! Take care of your hormone balance

Hormone balance and skin

Some people may think, ``Isn't there anything we can do about hormones that decrease with age?'' However, hormonal balance can also be affected by changes in your daily lifestyle.

We will introduce hormone balance care that you can start using today for beautiful skin, so please take a look.

<Measures to balance hormones>

(1) Get good quality sleep

Make sure you get good quality sleep.

Specifically, 1 to 2 hours before bedtime, prepare yourself for sleep.

- Finish eating and taking a bath

・Avoid blue light from smartphones, etc.

・Try to relax through light stretching and aroma therapy

If your body is too active, your body won't get enough rest, making it difficult to get quality sleep. Therefore, be sure to prepare yourself before going to sleep.

You may feel uncomfortable at first, but it's a good idea to spend some relaxing time as a reward for your hard work throughout the day.

In addition, regular sleep, such as going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, will help you recover from fatigue, so it is recommended that you keep this in mind as much as possible.

Good quality sleep not only corrects hormonal imbalances, but also promotes the secretion of growth hormones, which are involved in skin turnover (metabolism).

(2) Let's secrete positive hormones

Stress is one of the causes of hormonal imbalance.

Excessive stress causes a large amount of active oxygen, the enemy of beautiful skin, to react, so you want to avoid it as much as possible.

However, even though we know that stress relief is important, it can be difficult to feel refreshed in our busy daily lives.

What we recommend is the secretion of love hormones and happiness hormones.

Typical examples are the hormones ``oxytocin'' and ``serotonin.'' By actively secreting these hormones, you can relieve stress.

Hormone name

Behaviors that are likely to be secreted


・Touch your skin with skin care

・Enjoy the five senses with scent and texture

·Physical contact

・Use your favorite aroma


・Bathing in the sunlight

・Rhythmic stimulation (jogging, walking, etc.)

・Conversation with close friends

・Skinship with pets and people

・Touching the skin with skin care...etc.

In addition, oxytocin is mainly secreted by enjoying the five senses, but serotonin itself is made of an essential amino acid called tryptophan, and can be supported through food.

When actually incorporating it, in addition to tryptophan, we recommend taking vitamin B6, which is effective in synthesizing serotonin.

(Recommended ingredients for making serotonin)

Pork, tuna, bonito, rice, tofu, soy milk, natto, miso, soy sauce, fried tofu, milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, bananas, sesame seeds, etc.

(3) Have a comfortable skin care routine

As I introduced in Happiness Hormone, the five senses are very important elements. Skin care also has a lot of influence.

It is important not only to use ingredients that suit your skin, but also to use products that make you feel comfortable, such as the appearance (container), texture, scent, and brand image that resonate with you.

Once you have chosen your favorite skin care product, gently apply it to your skin and gently wrap it in your palms.


Hormone balance and skin

Changes in hormonal balance are not simply due to age, but are also closely related to daily life.

Even in your 20s and 30s, maintaining hormonal balance on a daily basis is very important to maintain beautiful skin, so please try to incorporate it as much as possible regardless of your age.

Start today to balance your hormones and get closer to your ideal skin.

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Hormone balance and skin

An all-in-one cream with a smooth, "frictionless" texture that comfortably satisfies your five senses.

A calculated one-step skin care that not only improves texture but also reduces the burden on skin, which has become delicate due to changes in hormonal balance.

Contains a well-balanced amount of water and oil, and can serve as a lotion, emulsion, serum, cream, and pack.

・“CBD (*1)” that gently conditions delicate skin

・“Stearyl glycyrrhizinate (*2)” to condition skin that is prone to fluctuations

・Moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients that lead to skin full of transparency (*3)

"α-arbutin" "osmotic vitamin C derivative (*4)" "placenta extract"

・“Sodium hyaluronate,” “squalane,” and “jojoba seed oil” that retain moisture

This cream contains plenty of ingredients that gently wrap delicate skin due to changes in hormonal balance.

Although it has a moisturizing and smooth texture, it is not sticky and can be used regardless of the season or age.

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<Author's comment>

Changes in hormonal balance happen to everyone, but there are also things that can be countered with daily habits.

Also, getting older is not always a negative factor.

There are many benefits, such as the beauty that can only be seen at a certain age and the peace of mind that comes from experience.

Enjoy the ``now'', be excited about the growth of ``tomorrow'', and be excited about your future self.

~For skin that makes you want to say “I am beautiful” out loud. ~

Author: Misako Nishikawa

*1 Cannabidiol (moisturizing/skin conditioning)

*2 Moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients

*3 Adding moisture to dullness caused by dryness

*4 3-laurylglyceryl ascorbic acid (moisturizing/skin conditioning)