What is aging care for men? Men's skin and recommended skin care

Recommended skin care for men

The number of men doing skin care has been increasing year by year, but when they hear the term "aging care," many of them probably think of women.

Men's skin may look tough, but it is actually very delicate. Therefore, it is never better to start anti-aging care early. Therefore, this time we will introduce the changes in skin caused by men's aging and countermeasures.

*"Aging care" in this article refers to "care appropriate to one's age."

■What are the changes in men's skin due to aging?

Recommended skin care for men

As you get older in your 20s, 30s, and 40s, you may have the impression that your skin loses moisture and oil and becomes dry.

Men's skin naturally has many sebaceous glands and thick keratin, and although it may look strong at first glance, it is actually very delicate. Therefore, if you don't take care of your skin properly, it can quickly make you look older.

Recommended skin care for men

Recommended skin care for men

<Changes in men's skin due to aging>

・Decrease in water content (decreased in both men and women)

・Sebum amount remains almost unchanged

In addition, research has shown that men have a higher amount of water evaporation (water evaporates more easily), and men's skin can become parched and dehydrated as they age.

Although it looks moist and shiny due to sebum, there is actually no moisture on the inside (=inner dry skin), and if you leave it as it is, your skin will secrete more sebum to prevent further dryness. I try to protect myself.

As a result, excessive sebum secretion occurs, leading to noticeable shine on the skin (skinny appearance).

Additionally, dry skin can lead to skin problems such as:

・Wrinkles due to dryness

・Thickens the stratum corneum (stiffness)

・Sensitive skin due to decreased barrier function

・Produces disorganized turnover and stains

- Pores open due to dryness and dirt can accumulate more easily

This leads to a negative cycle.

As a result, the skin gradually becomes more susceptible to damage, and aging accelerates.

For more information on men's skin , please refer to " Why men need skin care? Skin characteristics and care methods ".

■What is aging care for men? What should I do?

Recommended skin care for men

We understand why men need anti-aging care, but many of you may be wondering, "What should we do then?"

If you already have skin concerns, you'll want to choose functional items with labels such as "stain care" or "wrinkle improvement" that address your concerns. Of course, a pinpoint approach to addressing your concerns is not ineffective, but first, prioritize fixing the basics of your skin.

There are two reasons to value the basics.

・Many skin problems are caused by fluctuations in the skin.

・Skin care has “defensive ingredients” and “offensive ingredients”

For example, if you are concerned about age spots, it is effective to approach the melanin production process, but by changing the environment where age spots tend to form (the foundation of your skin), you can also make it harder for age spots to form.

In addition, some functional ingredients are "aggressive" ingredients that give a strong force to the skin, which can have the opposite effect if the skin is not able to absorb it.

Some people may think, ``If skin care doesn't work, why not cosmetic medicine?'' However, medical treatments such as lasers intentionally apply ``stimulus'' and ``damage'' to the skin, such as light and heat, to help the skin recover. Since there are many techniques that utilize , it is basically important that your skin is healthy.

First of all, prioritize ``creating a foundation for your skin and making it healthy.''

■Aging care recommended for men

Recommended skin care for men

In order to restore your skin to a healthy state, it is important to first protect your skin from moisture.

<Care to protect moisture>

(1) Don't take away too much

(2)Give generously and generously

Let's protect these two things.

(1) Don't take away too much

This is a perfect face wash.

Are you worried about sebum and scrubbing your face or washing your face too many times? Or are you using strong cleansers or face scrubs?

When the skin is deprived of too much, it actively secretes sebum in an attempt to regain what was taken away. This starts a negative cycle of even more sebum secretion.

Face washes contain surfactants, so they remove dirt without scrubbing, so you don't have to scrub your face with your hands.

Use a mild, amino acid-based cleaning agent and wash gently.

If the face wash itself is gentle, less water and oil will be lost, so you won't have to take care of yourself excessively by applying multiple products afterward.

After washing, gently place a towel on your face and let the towel absorb the moisture. Be careful not to rub at this point, as this will lead to dryness due to friction.

(2)Give generously and generously

After washing gently, give it plenty of water. This is an important step to replenish the moisture and oil lost by washing your face.

Even if you say "moisturizing" in one word, there are various ingredients.

<Representative moisturizing ingredients>

Moisturizes the skin surface

collagen/hyaluronic acid

Penetrates into the stratum corneum and absorbs moisture


Adsorbs moisture: amino acids, glycerin, BG
Sandwiches moisture: ceramide

It is important to moisturize the surface of the skin with moisture and also moisturize the stratum corneum.

And in order to gently moisturize your skin, you need to be careful about "friction."

Some people may take care of their skin through a number of steps, such as lotion, serum, topical care, emulsion, and cream. In fact, when applying each skin care item, there is a fair amount of friction between your fingers and your skin.

There is no problem when your skin is healthy, but if your skin is somehow unwell (fluctuations) or sensitive due to age or seasonal changes, the friction caused by multiple items may be causing irritation. So, let's reduce the number of items a little.

In particular, men tend to have stronger fingertips than women, so they are surprisingly more susceptible to skin problems due to friction irritation.

It is also recommended that you make good use of things that can be completed in one step, such as all-in-one products, and keep it to 2 or 3 steps, such as adding just a little bit of what is missing.


Recommended skin care for men

Introducing aging care for men.

Men's skin, which looks shiny and strong, is actually very delicate, so early aging care is important.

I hope you will age gracefully by taking care of yourself by not taking away too much and giving, starting today.

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The smooth foam, like fresh cream, gently wraps your skin and acts like a cushion to prevent friction, gently cleaning your skin.

<All-in-one cream MEN>

This all-in-one cream contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients that are tailored to men's skin characteristics and lifestyles, such as shaving habits that women don't have, as well as a texture that eliminates friction, which can cause dryness.

It is important to continue skin care every day, so this one-step skin care product is easy to use even for busy men who don't have time, and is designed to reduce friction.It gently wraps men's delicate skin and leads to moisturized skin. I'll give it to you.

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<Author's comment>

Recently, many men have started to take better care of their skin, but because men's skin looks tough, they tend to wash their skin vigorously and use harsh skin care.

As we introduced this time, men's skin has less moisture and is more susceptible to skin problems due to dryness than women's.

Please start aging gracefully with gentle skin care from today.

~For moisturized, healthy, and beautiful skin~

Author: Misako Nishikawa

*1 Coconut fatty acid arginine

*2 Moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients