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As the temperature and humidity drop, we are concerned about changes in the appearance of our eyes. Because the skin is thin, it is also an area where small changes can easily appear and signs of aging are more noticeable.

So this time, I would like to introduce you to the eye care that you are concerned about.

■What are the characteristics of the skin around the eyes and the main concerns?

eye care

Before taking care of your eyes, let's first learn about their characteristics.

The skin around the eyes seems to be quite thin compared to other parts of the body, but it is only about 1/3 to 1/2 the thickness of the cheeks. It is also a part of the body that is often moved and overworked in daily life, and is prone to changes in facial expressions and aging.

We will also introduce some of the most common eye problems and their causes.


Wrinkles are a problem that many people worry about as they age. Most of the causes are "dry skin" and "friction", and the skin around the eyes is especially thin, so even a little "lack of care" or "excessive care" can become a burden.

In addition, the area around the eyes has a special structure that is different from other areas, as there is collagen with different hardness and directionality, and as we age, certain types of collagen decrease markedly, making it easy for wrinkles to form around the eyes. There are also research reports regarding.

(2) Sagging

The next thing to worry about is sagging. As we get older, plump bags appear under our eyes.

There is something called orbital fat above and below our eyeballs (inside the eye socket) , and the orbicularis oculi muscle supports the outside of this fat. As we age, the orbital fat gradually loosens. Until you are around your 30s, the orbicularis oculi muscle provides support, so the sagging is not that noticeable, but in your 40s, the orbicularis oculi muscle weakens and cannot support the loose orbital fat, and the sagging becomes noticeable . It's for coming.

(3) Bear

Dark circles occur due to age, lifestyle, daily skin care, etc.

The appearance of dark circles changes depending on the cause, and countermeasures also vary.

Dark circles that tend to appear as you age are mostly caused by poor blood circulation, lack of water, friction, and sagging skin.

■For eyes that you want to charm! Recommended eye care

eye care


Most of the worrisome wrinkles around the eyes are caused by ``lack of moisture'' and ``friction.''

First of all, make sure to keep your skin moisturized. It is also important to be aware of simple steps to avoid friction caused by excessive skin care, not just simple friction such as "not scrubbing".

The key to skin care around the eyes is to take an appropriate amount of serum, etc., apply it from under the eyes to around the cheekbones, start from the outer corner of the eye, go around the lower eyelid, inner corner of the eye, upper eyelid, outer corner of the eye, and then go around to remove wrinkles such as the outer corner of the eye. If you are concerned about this, lift the wrinkled area lightly and apply it gently between the wrinkles.

To avoid applying too much force to the delicate eye area, we recommend using your middle and ring fingers to apply the product, avoiding using your index finger, which has a strong hand.

Finally, gently place the ball of your palm (around the base of your thumb) on the hollow of your eye to warm the entire eye area and blend it.

The key is to be gentle and not touch too much.

(2) Sagging

Unfortunately, the sagging skin that becomes noticeable with age cannot be improved with skin care.

Let's take preventive care by loosening the muscles around the eyes (orbicularis oculi), which have a narrow range of motion and becoming stiff due to long hours of work on computers and smartphones, and exercising them by moving them over a wide range.

First, place the ball of your palm (around the base of your thumb) near your eyes and warm it up with your body temperature. Once your body temperature has relaxed you, move your eyes as shown below.

・Slowly wink 5 to 10 times with each eye, right and left.

・Open your eyes and move your eyeballs clockwise and counterclockwise as if drawing a horizontal figure 8 “∞”

Finally, use the balls of your feet to warm your eyes.

There is no problem with whichever method is easier for you to do, so we recommend incorporating it a little during your breaks at work.

(3) Bear

There are several types of dark circles, but the ones that are more likely to appear as we age are "blue dark circles" caused by poor blood circulation due to overuse of the eyes, "brown dark circles" caused by pigmentation due to friction, and "brown dark circles" caused by sagging skin that looks like a shadow. It's a black bear.

``Frictionless'' and ``moisturizing'' are basic care that warms, relaxes and moves the overworked eye area.

For more information, please check out the article `` Be careful when the seasons change! Countermeasures against bears' '.


eye care

Since the skin is thin, it is easily affected by everything, and signs of aging can easily appear even with the slightest thing, so it is important to take care of it gently on a daily basis.

In addition to the causes introduced this time, lack of sleep and disordered lifestyle are also common causes, so try to correct them as much as possible.

The eyes have a big impact on the impression of the face. I hope you will shine even more wonderfully with beautiful and ``attractive eyes.''

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・“(Bacillus/Rosscus fungus)/(Jujube fruit/soybean) fermented liquid (*3)” that takes care of the delicate eye area

・Vitamin C derivatives “trisodium palmitate ascorbyl phosphate (*1)” and “placenta (*1)” which are good for stimulation by ultraviolet rays

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<Author's comment>

Even though we have been wearing masks for a long time, many people have rarely hidden their eyes, and many people have realized that the impression of their eyes has a large impact on their face.

Nowadays, we have many opportunities to overwork our eyes using computers and smartphones, which puts more strain on our eyes than we expected.

Let's say "thank you" to the eyes that are always working hard, and try to relax and rest a little.

Have a wonderful day with ageless eyes.

~For skin that makes you want to say “I am beautiful” out loud. ~

Author: Misako Nishikawa

*1 Moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients

*2 Care according to age

*3 Skin conditioning ingredients