A natural cream that is essential for beautiful skin! Sebum membrane care you need to know

Marielan sebum membrane care

Sebum has the image of causing makeup to break down and acne.

Although sebum has a strong negative image, moderate secretion forms a "sebum film" and plays an important role for our skin.

Therefore, this time we will introduce sebum, also known as "natural cream."

■What is sebum membrane? What is your role?

Marielan sebum membrane care

First, what kind of ingredients is the sebum membrane made of?

The sebum membrane is made up of the following three parts:

・Sebum secreted from sebaceous glands

・Ingredients broken down in keratin (epidermal lipids)

-Sweat secreted from sweat glands

*Epidermal lipids are corneocytes that peel off (including NMN and interkeratinocyte lipids).

The sebum film is more like an emulsion containing water and oil than oil, and its thickness is 0.0005 mm (0.5 microns), which is much thinner than the stratum corneum, which I introduced in a previous blog.

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Because the sebum film prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin, it is also called a ``natural moisturizing cream.'' Its ingredients are oily ingredients such as fatty acids, glycerin, and cholesterol, and water-soluble ingredients such as urea and amino acids. .

The sebum film melts at about 35 to 36 degrees Celsius, and people with dry or sensitive skin tend to have less sebum film, and the amount changes depending on the season.

Basically, when the temperature is high, sebum secretion is high, and when the temperature drops, sebum secretion decreases.As the sebum secretion changes, the amount of sebum film also changes, which is one of the reasons why the skin becomes dry easily in autumn and winter.

In addition to moisturizing the skin, the sebum film also plays the following roles:

<Other roles>

- Gives skin flexibility

・Produces a smooth shine

・Prevent skin roughness

・Protect your skin from cold and heat

・Keeps the skin surface slightly acidic

- Prevents bacteria and harmful substances from entering the skin

■How to maintain an appropriate sebum film?

Marielan sebum membrane care

Maintaining an appropriate sebum film for your skin is the first step to creating beautiful skin! To do this, it is important to know the weaknesses of the sebum membrane.

<Weaknesses of sebum membrane>

-Easily oxidized by ultraviolet rays etc.

・If left behind, it can cause darkening and clogging of pores.

・Easy to decrease with age

・Depending on the facial cleanser, too much may be removed (lost).

When it comes to skin care, it is important to supplement water with lotions and other emollient ingredients, which suppress evaporation of water from the skin, retain moisture, and soften the skin.

Squalane, shea butter, petrolatum, and argan oil are recommended as substances that act close to the sebum membrane.

However, compared to ingredients supplemented from outside, moisturizing ingredients produced from your own skin are more compatible with your skin, and there is no need to worry about allergies, so it is important to protect them as much as possible.

Therefore, the most important thing to be careful about in order to leave a sebum film on your face is washing your face.

If you are concerned about sebum secretion, excessive washing of your face, such as scrubbing your face with a strong face wash, will not only strip your skin of the sebum film it needs, but it can also damage your skin and cause friction.

Use an amino acid-based detergent with mild cleaning power or one that is weakly acidic.

In addition, face washes come in various forms such as foam, gel, and milk, but it is important to avoid causing "friction" by creating plenty of foam and a certain amount of thickness, and creating a cushion-like space between your hands and face. Let's use it so that it exists.


Marielan sebum membrane care

The sebum film, known as ``natural cream,'' is essential for maintaining moisturized, healthy skin.

In the upcoming season, when the temperature is dropping, sebum secretion and the production of sebum film will decrease more easily.

Take this opportunity to keep your skin beautiful and healthy by washing your face to protect your sebum membrane and using gentle skin care.

~ Facial Foam Cleanser ~

Marielan sebum membrane care

A foam-type facial cleanser that uses "amino acid-based cleaning ingredients (*1)" with mild cleaning power so as not to remove too much of the sebum film necessary for the skin.

Contains plenty of other carefully selected ingredients

・CBD for healthy skin (*2)

・Japanese and Chinese ingredients that deliver moisture to the skin (*3)

・Naturally derived beauty ingredients such as “aloe vera leaf extract” and “chlorella extract” (*4)

The creamy texture that feels like washing your face with a serum, and the gentle formula that even includes a foam pack, provides the "moisturizing" and "friction-free" properties necessary for healthy skin, and is suitable for a wide range of people regardless of gender, skin type, or age. It can be used by anyone.

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<Author's comment>

For beautiful skin, it is of course important to apply plenty of beauty ingredients to your skin, but at the same time, you must also remember not to deprive your skin of too much of what it needs.

By protecting the sebum film and taking care to maintain the ``moisturizing'' and ``friction-free'' properties necessary for healthy skin, our skin will have the ability to ``beautify itself (*5)' ' .

Please take this opportunity to review your daily skin care routine and get closer to beautiful skin that is free from skin problems.

~For skin that makes you want to say “I am beautiful”~

Author: Misako Nishikawa

*1 Coconut fatty acid arginine

*2 Cannabidiol (moisturizing/skin conditioning)

*3 Kudzu root extract, tea leaf extract (moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients)

*4 Moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients

*5 Healthy skin condition