Was the lack of transparency “◯◯”? ! Recommended care you can start today

transparent skin

We often hear the phrase "transparent skin," but what kind of skin do you imagine?

Many people may think of "fair skin," but each person is born with a different skin color, and white skin does not necessarily mean that one feels translucent.

Therefore, this time we will introduce "skin clarity" and countermeasures.

■What is transparency? What kind of skin?

transparent skin

First, what kind of skin does "transparent" refer to?

The Japan Cosmetic Industry Federation defines skin transparency as ``a state in which the skin appears transparent without cloudiness.'' Of course, each person feels it differently, but there is also data that shows that the following skin conditions are more likely to make your skin feel more transparent.

<Skin condition that makes it easy to feel transparent>

・Fine texture

・Intensity of diffuse reflected light (light that hits an object and reflects)

・High moisture content in the stratum corneum

-Low amount of melanin and hemoglobin

When your skin has a good texture, it reflects all light evenly and without disturbance, making you look beautiful. On the other hand, if the texture is disturbed or the skin surface becomes shriveled due to lack of moisture, the reflection of light will be disrupted and the skin will lack uniformity.

Additionally, melanin and hemoglobin (redness caused by inflammation, etc.) do not produce an even skin tone, making the skin appear less transparent.

In other words, people do not judge based on the color of their skin itself, but when there is an ``unevenness'' in their skin that makes them feel different tones, it seems that people tend to feel less transparent.

■What are transparency measures? What should I do?

transparent skin

Although not all of the causes of loss of transparency have been elucidated, the following are possible causes.

・Skin irritation such as dryness, friction, and UV rays

・Glycation due to aging and diet

・Coldness and poor blood circulation

・Sleep quality and duration

- Unbalanced eating habits, etc.

(1)Dryness and irritation

As mentioned above, dry skin not only doesn't reflect light evenly, but also has disordered skin turnover and accumulates old stratum corneum, making it more likely to become thick and dull.

In addition, irritation such as friction and UV rays on the skin can also cause dryness and inflammation.

As I have said repeatedly in previous blogs, keep your skin healthy by washing your face gently, moisturizing your face thoroughly, and protecting yourself from UV rays.

(2) Glycation due to aging

"Skin glycation" is a phenomenon that occurs when excess carbohydrates accumulate in the body.When oxidation is compared to "rust," glycation is said to be "burnt."

When proteins such as collagen in the skin combine with excess carbohydrates in the body, the skin becomes yellowish and looks dull.

Glycation becomes more common with age, but people who regularly consume a lot of sweets should be careful.

(3) Sensitivity to cold and poor blood circulation

Poor blood circulation and coldness caused by sitting in the same position for long periods of time while working at a desk or lack of exercise can lead to a pale skin appearance.

In addition, our skin uses nutrients carried in the blood to produce skin components such as collagen, but if nutrients are not delivered properly due to poor blood circulation, skin problems can occur, such as inflammation and dryness, which can cause skin to lose its clear appearance. The condition will be.

Make sure to regularly stretch, walk, and warm up your body by soaking in the bathtub.

(4) Sleep

Sleep is very important for your skin.

Good quality sleep secretes hormones that are essential for beautiful skin, such as growth hormone and female hormones.

When the hormonal balance is disrupted, turnover is disrupted, leading to skin fluctuations and sensitive skin. This disrupts the condition of the dead skin and tends to lead to a dull look.

Try to avoid using your smartphone before bed, always sleeping at different times, and sleeping for short periods of time, all of which reduce the quality of your sleep, and try to sleep with a relaxed rhythm.

(5) Dietary habits

If you continue to consume excessive amounts of salt and sugar, the vitamins necessary to create skin cells will be digested, which can result in dry skin (1).

In addition, an unbalanced diet makes it easier for waste products to accumulate, leading to (2) glycation and (3) poor blood circulation.

Additionally, fried foods and fatty foods take time to digest, which is said to interfere with good sleep (4).

It's difficult to be careful about what you eat every day, but try to eat a well-balanced diet not only for your skin but also for your body, and be sure to take in vitamins and dietary fiber for beautiful skin.


transparent skin

This time, we have introduced some typical examples of transparency and countermeasures. There are many other measures you can take, but in order to create clear, even-toned skin, there are three main things to keep in mind:

・Does not cause dryness

・Does not cause irritation

・Do not create bias

First of all, it is important to take in ``moisture'', which is essential for creating healthy skin, and to avoid all kinds of irritants such as friction, UV rays, and strong surfactants.

And creating beautiful skin requires not only skin care, but also diet, sleep, and exercise. A healthy body and skin are achieved by maintaining a balance between these factors, so try not to create imbalances.

It's very difficult to start everything from today, but please take what you can and get clear and beautiful skin.

~ All-in-one cream ~

transparent skin

An all-in-one cream that is ``frictionless'' and ``moisturizing,'' which is reassuring for creating transparency.

・“CBD (*1)” and “stearyl glycyrrhizinate (*2)” that gently condition delicate skin

・Moisture necessary for the skin such as "squalane (*2)" and "sodium hyaluronate (*2)"

・Vitamin C derivatives (*3), α-arbutin (*2), and placenta (*2), which are allies for adult skin problems

Contains plenty of carefully selected beauty ingredients that are essential for creating transparent (*4) skin.

This simple step care is designed not to save time but to create healthy skin, and your skin care routine can be completed with just this one product.

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<Author's comment>

The presence or absence of "transparency" does not have to be limited only to skin tone.

Healthy skin full of moisture creates a beautiful and glossy reflection of light, leading to a transparent skin impression.

Get closer to clear skin with ``no friction'' and ``plenty of moisture''.

~For clear, moisturized skin. ~

Author: Misako Nishikawa

*Refer to "Measurement of skin transparency and evaluation of usefulness of corresponding cosmetics", journal of the Japan Society of Cosmetic Engineers.

*1 Cannabidiol (moisturizing/skin conditioning ingredient)

*2 Moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients

*3 3-Laurylglyceryl ascorbic acid (moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredient)

*4 Healthy skin with moisturized texture