[LIMITED] TRIAL SET (7DAYS)_ [Limited quantity] Trial set (for about 7 days)


MARIÉLAN aging care *1 mini size.

With a size that you can try for about 7 days,
Perfect for carrying or traveling.

<Trial set>
CBD*2 x Wakan *3 for translucent skin.
Formulated with natural ingredients to restore skin's natural firmness and luster.
Comfortably fills and wraps with deep moisture
Mini size of MARIÉLAN anti-aging care *1 , containing Japanese and Chinese ingredients *3 .
The size allows you to try it for about 7 days, making it perfect for carrying around or traveling.

*1 Age-appropriate skin care *2 Cannabidiol (moisturizing) *3 All-in-one: Kudzu root extract, Licorice root extract ・Foam face wash: Kudzu root extract ・Introduced lotion: Hawthorn extract ・Essence: (Bacillus / Benicouji fungus) / (jujube fruit / soybean) fermentation / UV: horsetail extract, red pine cone extract (all moisturizing)

<Free for your skin>

  • No colorant
  • UV absorber
  • Alcohol
  • Paraben

<I recommend this hotel>

  • Those who feel that their daily moisturizing care is not enough
  • Those whose skin looks dull and a little tired (due to dryness)
  • Various skin types who are concerned about dryness
  • Those who want to complete their skin care in a simple step
  • Those who are looking for mini size skin care
set content


facial foam cleanser

  • ○ Amino acid-based cleansing ingredients *4 with creamy lather
  • ○ Removes dirt and excess sebum from the skin while retaining moisture and moisturizing ingredients.

*4 Coconut fatty acid arginine


Introduction lotion

  • ○ CBD*2×Wakan*3 for clear skin.
  • ○ Frictionless exfoliating booster that does not require wiping.
  • ○ Gentle pore care with naturally derived AHA ingredients *5 perfect for sensitive skin.
  • ○ With a rich and luxurious texture, it leads to fresh and soft skin.

*2 Cannabidiol (moisturizing) *3 Introduced lotion: Hawthorn extract *5 Grapefruit fruit extract, apple fruit extract, lemon juice, orange Fruit juice, lime juice (moisturizing)



  • ○ Luxurious beauty ingredients *6.
  • ○ An all-in-one serum that focuses on skin concerns.

*6 Hydrolyzed eggshell membrane, human adipocyte conditioned medium, human cord blood cell conditioned medium, niacinamide (all moisturizing)


all in one

  • ○ Natural ingredients *7 Firmness and luster.
  • ○ One-step anti-friction all-in-one cream with 5 roles in 1.
  • ○ Aim for no makeup skin with *8 for aging care.

*7 Kudzu Root Extract, Glycyrrhiza Root Extract (all moisturizing) *8 Age-appropriate skin care products


UV base cream

  • ○ Long-lasting moisturizing UV that stands up to UV rays and dryness.
  • ○ Non-chemical (no UV absorber used).
  • ○ A sunscreen that is gentle on the skin with SPF50PA++++.


body skin care

  • ○ Melts on the skin and is not sticky.
  • ○ Keep your skin healthy.
  • ○ Elbows, knees, heels, and other areas where dryness is a concern.
how to use

Product planning manager Recommended usage from Haekyeon Naito!!

Throughout the Marielan series, we have made a commitment to content and texture.
Please try it out. The size is convenient for travel.